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Thanks to all who participated in the SODZ British Beer Fest.

There were 111 entries judged and 87 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stDeborah & Marc PrichardIn Honor Of Greg Brown #forkurt13C: English PorterRed Earth Brewers

Winning Entries

Table 1: Cider (8 entries)

1stEdward O'NeillJohnny Bad Appleseed C1A: New World CiderSTL Brewminati
2ndDoug BulthuisYou Are Not Wearing ThatC1B: English CiderKuhnhenn Guild of Brewers (KGB)
3rdBill BoyerRevenge Of The Pink PantherC2B: Cider with Other Fruit North Georgia Malt Monkeys

Table 2: Mead (13 entries)

1stMatthew MeadSnowberryM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadMichigan Mead Coalition
2ndJeff BlosserCherry CordialM2D: Stone Fruit Mead Delaware Ohio Homebrewers (DOH!)
3rdMatthew MeadIt's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!M4C: Experimental Mead Michigan Mead Coalition

Table 4: British Bitters (11 entries)

1stJed LengerichBitter Boy11C: Strong BitterMASH Fort Wayne Homebrew Club
2ndJim SudduthBest Bitter11C: Strong BitterScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
3rdJoshua CooperEsb11C: Strong Bitter

Table 5: Dark Mild (9 entries)

1stMike NevilleMason Street Mild13A: Dark MildMotor City Mashers
2ndDan GeorgeFear of the Dark13A: Dark MildScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
3rdDominick DufnerMild Thing13A: Dark MildSt. Louis Brews

Table 6: British Brown & IPA (17 entries)

1stDeborah & Marc PrichardIn Honor Of Greg Brown #forkurt13C: English PorterRed Earth Brewers
2ndRick BurkhardtOast House Brown Ale13B: English Brown AleFoam Blowers of Indiana (FBI)
3rdGreg LindemanMacKem Brown Ale27A9: London Brown AleScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
HMMinjoo Lee
Co-Brewer: None
Connection13C: English Porter

Table 7: Strong Stouts (10 entries)

1stScott ElliottPripyat20C: Imperial StoutScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
2ndChristopher MullinaxToucan Sam's Smiling Stout16C: Tropical StoutScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
3rdJay O'Neill
Co-Brewer: Eli Urban
Thank Goodness16D: Foreign Extra StoutSociety of Northeast Ohio Brewers
HMDavid FettyImperial Stout20C: Imperial StoutBrixie's Brewers

Table 8: Stouts (14 entries)

1stDavid FettyOatmeal Stout16B: Oatmeal StoutBrixie's Brewers
2ndDeborah & Marc PrichardSofa King Smooth #forkurt16A: Sweet StoutRed Earth Brewers
3rdNik VolkertBeamishish Stout15B: Irish StoutScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)

Table 9: English Strong + Lucci (16 entries)

1stDoug Bulthuis
Co-Brewer: John Golden
Rubber Cow Wee Heavy17C: Wee HeavyKuhnhenn Guild of Brewers (KGB)
2ndMichael NoonanStairway To Heaven17A: British Strong AleScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
3rdRon Sleppy
Co-Brewer: David Curran Mike Jarrell
Little Tonnage17C: Wee HeavyScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
HMGreg LindemanThe Elusive British Kiwi17A: British Strong AleScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)

Table 10: Malty Irish and Scottish (13 entries)

1stScott ElliottUnpresidented14C: Scottish ExportScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
2ndIan Thacker
Co-Brewer: Gaelon Ratel
Moorey Musgrave 15A: Irish Red Ale
3rdChris ZornesFlannel Kilt14C: Scottish Export